A Dive Into the Amazing World of Function Restaurant Ferntree GullyA Dive Into the Amazing World of Function Restaurant Ferntree Gully

If you’ve ever eaten at your local Thai restaurant, then you’ll probably have tried the amazingly delicious ‘Philly Cheesecake’ from Function Restaurant Ferntree Gully. The restaurant was started by two guys who loved eating good food, and so they put together a great menu. They serve up their mouth-watering dishes all across the world, from Los Angeles to San Francisco. They have won rave reviews from people like Food & Wine Magazine, TV’s Top Chef, The New York Times, and many others. The restaurant is known for their creativity in serving up delicious foods, and they do an amazing job of coming up with new things on a regular basis.

How to A Dive Into the Amazing World of Function Restaurant Ferntree Gully

Function Restaurant Ferntree Gully


One of their famous dishes that has been making waves in Los Angeles is their ‘Dinner Of Champions’. It is simply a dessert of sweet coconut cake with dark chocolate gourmet chocolate pudding sauce, whipped cream and lemon rind. For the dessert portion of this specialties, they offer up three award-winning items – The ‘Chocolate Caramel Macaroons’, ‘Butterfly Cappuccino’, and the ‘Cherry Cream Funnel Cake’. While they do typically only offer these items for dessert, they do allow people to enjoy them as a snack as well. So if you happen to be in the mood for something different when it comes to desserts, then this is definitely one place worth checking out. If you want to try other gourmet foods, you’ll love the variety that is offered at this restaurant as well.

Function Restaurant Ferntree Gully serves a full menu of Asian influenced dishes that will have your taste buds addicted. There are a variety of dishes to choose from, including their famous ‘Philly Cheesecake’ that won’t let you down. This mouth-watering dessert is topped with whipped cream and topped off with chocolate shavings. Another favorite is the ‘Butterfly Cappuccino’, which is made with creamy vanilla soup and a fresh strawberry topping. The ‘Cherry Cream Funnel Cake’ is covered in rich chocolate and topped with warm caramel, which will surely have your taste buds tingling.