Aquascaping: Making Your Aquatic Garden Beautiful Through Plants


Aquascaping is a method of landscape design that seeks to enhance the natural flow of water within a property by arranging rocks and plants in specific configurations. Aquascaping has evolved from its humble beginnings in medieval Europe to become one of the hottest green trends in today’s green conscious society. Many people consider water gardening and aquascaping to be a form of “green real estate.” In addition to enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the land, aquascaping can also be used to benefit the “green” trend. A good example of this is how certain types of rock can be used to absorb pollutants that can be harmful to the surrounding environment.



Aquascaping is also the art of arranging underwater vegetation, rocks, or underground cavework in a visually pleasing way inside an aquarium-in effect, landscaping under water. Underwater landscape architecture can make for beautiful underwater views and can include anything from a series of steps back up to shelves that are suspended in the water. Since landscaping under aquariums requires a different level of workmanship than standard aquatic landscaping, it is important that you understand what materials will be required as well as the level of skill needed to perform the task. Aquatic plant life is highly sensitive to changes in water temperatures and water quality, so it is imperative to ensure that you have a qualified aquascaping professional perform any work on your underwater landscape.


The most basic type of aquascaping design utilizes gravel, rocks, and plants that are placed in a shallow tank that circulates and filters surface water through sand, pebbles, or other absorbent materials. The most popular types of aquascaping ponds are made with stone and a mesh type of cover that allow the water to drain away from the rocks and stay deep below the surface. While traditional live plants are a key part of aquascaping, iWagumi tanks are a popular method of aquascaping due to the additional features they offer. With iWagumi tanks, live plants grow well, thrive in full sunlight, and are protected from predators, making them some of the most desirable types of aquarium plants.

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