The Most Promising Weight Loss Doctor in Australia

The most prominent weight loss doctor Brisbane is Dr Peter Spencer. In the past he has been a world class professional body builder and fitness consultant. As a result of this he is now qualified to treat all aspects of the weight loss process from diet, exercise, motivation and support groups to therapy and counselling. His work is acknowledged across the country and internationally as the pioneer in weight loss services. He is considered the father of modern weight loss surgery with the release of his groundbreaking Double Arm Dumbbell Hack. Dr Spencer believes that one of the key contributing factors to the escalating rate of childhood and adult obesity is the lack of emphasis we place on physical education in schools.

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How To Get (A) Fabulous Weight Loss Doctor Brisbaneweight Loss Doctor Brisbane On A Tight Budget

This has led to an increased demand for healthy eating options in schools and community centres. He says the industry needs to promote healthy eating to our children so they become well balanced and healthy. As a result, he is encouraging parents to send their children to his clinic for advice on a weight loss program. “I always recommend the parents to go for professional help,” he said. “The benefits far outweigh the risks and the long term effect is worth it.”

Dr Atkins also believes that the medical industry needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for improving the public’s health. “If you are obese, there are many treatments available but not every one of them works for you,” he said. “A weight loss doctor can identify which treatments work for your particular body type and your lifestyle. They can also set out a dietary plan and encourage you to follow it,” he continued. “We do need to address the issues surrounding obesity in our society.”

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